Representing the VMN, MIS, and NR Programs at the University of Iceland

About Us


Stephens, George. 1878. Thunor the Thunderer, carved on a Scandinavian font about the year 1000. London: Williams and Norgate; Copenhagen: H. H. J. Lynge. Page 34.

Kvasir is an association responsible for representing the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies, the Medieval Icelandic Studies, and the Nordic Religion masters programs at the University of Iceland (Háskóli Íslands). It was created to support students in their work, study, and play.

Kvasir is a Norse god who was formed from the saliva of all the gods, he is known as the wisest of the gods. His life was brief, as he was murdered by the dwarf brothers Fjalar and Galar. These brothers mixed his blood with honey, brewing a concoction known as the Mead of Poetry.

After Loki had killed Baldr he turned into a salmon and escaped into a river. It was Kvasir who came up with the idea of using a net to capture him. This story can be found in the section “Gylfaginning” of the Prose Edda.

The Current Board of Kvasir

President: Paul Martino

Vice President: Cassandra Ruiz

Treasurer: Holly Frances

Media & Public Relations: Mads A. Hoofnagle

Secretary: Olivia Smith

To contact Kvasir:

Instagram: @thetruekvasir

Twitter: @thetruekvasir

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