Welcome to the homepage of Gaia – the association for students in the Master programme in Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) or “Umhverfis og Auðlindafrœdi” at the University of Iceland.

Gaia also consists of students from different disciplines within the university as well as from many different countries. We are glad to see a wide variety of students showing interest in courses offered within the Environment and Natural Resources programme.

The majority of students in the programme come from Iceland, but there are also a growing number of international students enrolled in either the degree programme or individual courses, including from Canada, Norway, Kenya, Indonesia, China, Germany, Finland, Malta, and Fiji (just to mention a few). For more information please click on the map below.

Please feel free to browse our homepage and learn more about us, about our field of interest and issues on which we hope to raise awareness. Most of our posts are in English. If you would like to get in contact with us, please email us at gaia@hi.is or visit us on Facebook.

We would like to keep you up to date on events we hold throughout the year.

Gaia organizes science trips to interesting companies and organizations that either address environmental concerns or are working on environmental issues. These trips are always interesting, informative and are of course also fun. In addition to science trips, we also organize our annual Green Days event. We would like to encourage you to take part in these events and browse our webpage and visit us on Facebook for articles, discussions and more. Upcoming events are posted on this webpage, so come in and find out!

So stay in touch with us, stay informed.
The board of Gaia

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