Further readings and sources

  • Global Footprint Network (link)
  • The story of stuff (link)
  • The World Watch Institute (link)
  • Germanwatch (link)
  • IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (link)
  • European Environment Agency (link)
  • World Energy Outlook (link)

Outside Groups

  • Homepage of our MSc. Program (link)
  • Institute for Sustainable Development (link)
  • Flóki – Graduate Students in Tourism and Geography at HÍ (link or link)
  • Stúdentaráð Háskóla Íslands (link)
  • Environmental Policy of the University of Iceland (link)

Outside Links

  • UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (link)
  • News about the artic countries (link)
  • The eco-concious network (link)
  • The Green TV – The climate change channel (link)
  • Samferda – easy ride in Iceland (link)
  • Knowmore – Question your goods and purchase (link)

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