Green Days 2010

Dear Members and Friends

This years Green Days are coming up.  Gaia organizes now for the 3rd time in a row the so called Green Days, during which we would like to raise awareness about different environmental topics. Last year was “Green Consumerism” and the year before was “Recycling” the topic of Green Days. This year we will pick up the year of “Biodiversity” announced by the UN ( or

Join us for three days of exciting events, discussion, and fun between the 7th and 9th of April. 2010. As you can see in the image below, the Green Days will be most interesting and hopefully provide you loads of different activeties and events, you can learn more about biodiversity and your influence on it. We hope you find the programm interesting and would like to participate.

© Gaia 2010

For more information about our programm, please join our email list or groups on the internet. In order to give you an idea about the issues linked with biodiversity please check out the links we provided you with or have a look at the following video by the UN.

Stay in touch with us on or webpage or via mail, especially if you have ideas and want to place an activety 😉

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