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Name of the organization:

The organisation of students of the Environment and Natural Resources programme at the University of Iceland is called Gaia.

Aims of Gaia:

  1. To protect the rights of students of the ENR programme at the University of Iceland.
  2. To work towards increasing environmental awareness and responsible resource use within its focus area, the University of Iceland, e.g. by setting a good example.
  3. To facilitate diverse social activities and communication between students.


Every ENR student, studying towards a degree at the University of Iceland, is a member of Gaia and has the right to vote and to be voted. Membership is free of charge and no responsibilities result out of this membership.

Contact to Gaia and how to get involved:

Please have a look on our page about the board of Gaia, there you will find direct contacts to us. For all general questions you can either email us: gaia[at]hi.is or write us: Gaia; Gimli – Sæmundargötu 10 – 101 Reykjavík.

Gaia and this homepage:

  • We would like to use the homepage and blog to transmit further information and resources for everybody interested in environmental topics. We will also use this blog to inform for further events and invite you also to join our facebook group, to get updated.
  • In addition to this, we hope the provided information will spark a new way of thinking among the reader and increase the awareness of the impact of individual and common decissions on the environment.
  • We would also like to mention that the published material may not stand for the opinion of the whole organisation, as well as we are not liable for all linked material. The legal right of published material on this webpage lies with the original author or publisher of the article and data, and underlies therefore not in the administration of Gaia.
  • The images of Iceland used in this blog (header, images in the text highlighting Icelandic landscape and others) are provided by Harald Schaller and and are subject to copyright. More of his work can be found on his webpage (link). The images used and provided by Harald Schaller are free to use only for Gaia. Images are not allowed to be used by third parties in any other matter than private use (copyrights by Harald Schaller 2008-2010).
  • The logo of Gaia as well as images or publications used to promote Gaia outside, belong to Gaia and may only be used for further use ony if a written confirmation from Gaia exists. Even though careful control, Gaia does not adopt acountabilty for external linked material.

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