Green Days apologize for the inconvenience – Alda Lecture cancelled on Tuesday

Dear Green Days attendees. On March 19th the 12:30-13:10 lecture with Alda, Creating Sustainable Cillages in Askja room 131, had to be cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Wednesday 20th of March
10:00-14:00 Booths from SEEDS and Sorpa @Háskólatorg/HT
11:00-12:30 Seeds Workshop @Háskólatorg/HT downstairts by the round staircase
12:30-13:10 Lecture: Eating our way to sustainable food design: The Experience of the Ecotrophelia Winners 2012, @Aðalbygging – 207
20:00-21:30 Movie Screening: “Chasing Ice” @Háskólatorg/HT-105.

The top 10 photos in the photo competition are on display in the connection hall between Háskólatorg and Gimli. The winner was announced last night at the Green Days Pub Quiz at Stúdentakjallarinn.

Winning Photo “Jökulleir” by María Hildur Maack!