GAIA General Meeting & Pub Quiz Sept. 23rd 8pm at Prikið

GAIA’s general meeting will be held Friday 23rd at 20:00 at the ground floor of Prikið (Bankastræti 12) in downtown Reykjavik. During the meeting we’ll have great offers at the bar and after the meeting itself we’ll have a pub quiz and continue partying into the night. An event has been created on Facebook.

The agenda of the meeting:
Election of the chairman of the meeting and its secretary
Semester report of the president
Semester report of the treasurer
Discussion of suggestions tended to the organization

The board of GAIA proposes the following change to Article 5 in the Laws of GAIA. That “With the exception of the president“ in line six will be removed.

Article 5 today:
The governing body shall consist of 5 persons, the president and four board members, who shall be elected in the Fall bi-annual meeting and serve for a term of one year. The president shall be elected first separately.
At the first board meeting of the governing body it shall elect the secretary and the treasurer from the four board members by simple majority vote. The secretary shall also function as the vice-president. With the exception of the president, if a board member seat becomes empty between Fall bi-annual meetings a new board member will be elected at the Spring bi-annual meeting.
In addition to the governing body two substitutes shall be elected in both Fall and Spring bi-annual meetings for a term of one semester.

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