Science Trip to SORPA April 15th – Meet @ Háma 3:15pm

This Friday (the 15th) Sorpa, Reykavík’s leading waste management and recycling company is inviting GAIA for a visit. We’ll be going to two of their main landfill sites Gufunes and Álfsnes where they’ll tell us about their operations and show us their methane production. We believe this will be very interesting and informing so we urge you to come along.

As the trip is taking place some way out of the city we’ve arranged a bus to take us there. We must stress that you have to be on the bus to be allowed into the Sorpa sites so you can’t come in your own car, you have to be on the bus.

The bus is leaving from Uni at 15.30 on Friday and so we’re meeting up in Háma at 15.15. From Uni the bus will take us to Sorpa and after the science trip it’ll drive us downtown where we’ll have an offer at some lovely downtown pub.

If you want to join us to this very interesting and exciting science trip you need to sign up before 12.00 on Thursday the 14th by sending an e-mail to Visit GAIA on Facebook for more about the event.

Read about Sorpa here.

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