Green Days 2009 – Friday 6th

11:00 – 14:00
Cloth-swapping, Háskólatorg

Clothes Swapping will be held during Green Days at Háskóli Íslands on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th of March.

The idea of clothes swapping comes from Sweden and other countries, where people may bring items of clothing or accessories to a market and exchange them. In some cases, those who do not have something to bring may buy clothes for a very low price.

The idea behind clothes-swapping is to try to minimize our consumption of new clothes and thus reduce our ecological footprint. Clothing can have many environmental impacts, many of which we are not aware of by simply reading the label. The clothing industry often bases manufacturing operations in developing countries to take advantage of cheap labor and little or no environmental or human rights regulations.

Sometimes, people will throw out perfectly useful clothes, a shame as someone else may find a use for them by altering or re-using them. Rather than consuming low quality, disposable fashions, we would like to encourage people to find a new original use for old clothes and to encourage people to be creative and self-sufficient as well as saving money!

How to participate?
You can bring clothes to Nönnugata 7 (Ruth, 8207687) before the event where you will receive coupons entitling them to take an equal number of items from the clothes swapping table. You can also bring clothes on Thursday and Friday to Háskólatorg. As people will also have the opportunity to purchase the clothes, we encourage those people with coupons to use them as soon as they can, to avoid losing out. One item entitles you to one coupon or one item of clothing. All items may be purchased for 300 ISK. Any remaining clothes at the end of the week will be donated to a second hand charity shop.

18:00 – 24:00
Closing party in the Nordic House with green drinks and music

The closing party in the Nordic House starts with music by Sudden Weather Change at 6pm. It is an Icelandic alternative rock band that consist of Bergur Thomas Anderson, Dagur Stephensen, Benjamin Mark Stacey, Loji Höskuldsson and Oddur Guðmundsson. For more information about the band, see:

After the concert Kristin Vala Ragnarsdóttir, the Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences, will give a closing speech for the week. A couple of awards will be given out after the closing speech, for example the best outfit award!

The best green outfit of the evening will be judged by the Gaia board. It doesn´t matter if the color of the outfit is not green, green fashion mean so much more! Your outfit can for example be from the clothes swappping, be recycled, made of organic products or borrowed from a friend. Just use your creativity and have lots of fun!

Hope to see you all there!

More information are comming soon!

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