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Science Trip and Hóluhraun Presentation

Hiya F&F friends,
Here’s the info about this week’s science trip:
Veðurstofan, 3pm, Bústaðavegur 7, Friday.
Seriously, there’ve been more rainbows in Reykjavík this week than they’ve ever had in the Sahara desert. Maybe if you join the science trip, you’ll learn why.
Please, if you’d be so kind to sign up on the form below, we have to keep track of how many people are coming:

First come, first serve!
We can now safely announce that there’ll be an explosive presentation in Askja all about the Hóluhraun eruption following the science trip. The slideshow/chat will be in the 3rd floor meeting room at 17:30 (that’s 5:30pm for you non-24-hour timekeepers out there). That will give you ample time to wander back over to Askja from Veðurstofan.
Oh yeah, we also thought you might enjoy some bubbles with your eruption. We’ll be selling beers at the presentation so BRING CASH. The more cash you bring, the more beer you can drink 🙂
See you on Friday!