1st Science Trip this Friday

Hey folks!

We hope you enjoyed our first get-together last Friday and it didn’t tire you out for Oktoberfest too much. How awesome was that carnival ride, huh?

We have another exciting update for you. This Friday afternoon will be our first science trip of the new academic year!

We’ll be going to Umhverfisstofnun from 17:00 to 19:00 on Friday afternoon. Since it’s pretty close, we’ll just meet there. The address is Suðurlandsbraut 24. If you’re cartographically challenged, then let us know and we can coordinate a chaperone for you. 🙂

The fine folks at Umhverfisstofnun will generously provide light refreshments but we’ve been told we’ll have to bring our own booze, if you’re so inclined.

Please, please, please sign up by Wednesday morning on the following google doc if you’re interested in attending:


Hope to see you there!

Your friends,
Flóki and Folda

P.S. – If you have NO idea what Umhverfisstofnun is it’s basically the Environment Agency of Iceland. If you want some more info, check out their website (in English!) here: http://www.ust.is/the-environment-agency-of-iceland/

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If you don’t have a facebook account, that’s fine. We’ll also update you here on this site 🙂

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