Established February 14th 2007

Article 1 Name.
The association shall be called the “Doctoral Student Association of the School of Education, University of Iceland”, with its legal address and legislative body based in Reykjavík.

Article 2 Purpose.
The goal of the association is to address the concerns of doctoral students from the School of Education and to encourage theoretical discussion amongst members through meetings, publications and promoting and publicizing its operations and activities.

Article 3 Membership and Dues.
Membership to the Doctoral Students Association of the School of Iceland, University of Iceland is open to all doctoral students currently enrolled with the School of Education of the University of Iceland.
Membership fees are decided upon at the annual meeting.

Article 4 Rights of General Members.
All general members of the association have the right to attend meetings, to vote and to make propositions related to the association. Propositions will be accepted based on a majority vote.

Article 5 Annual Meetings.
Annual meetings are held in January each year. The annual meeting should be announced with the full agenda attached at least a week prior to the meeting. In this annual meeting, the association’s finances and accounting procedures will be presented to its members and thereafter approved. The reikningsár is from January 1st to December 31st. The annual meeting selects the executive board for the coming year, two reviewers of the book keeping, and representatives in various committees. These by‒laws can only be changed at the annual meeting.

Article 6 Leadership Structure.
The executive board of the association is comprised of three members and two reserve members. The executive board divides responsibilities between the members.
The role of the executive board is to represent the general members, hold meetings on an as needed basis and to fulfill the goals of the association as laid down in Article 2.

Article 7 General Meetings.
The executive board is obliged to hold at least two general meetings per year.

Article 8 Association Funds.
The executive board shall take full responsibility for all financial obligations of the association. In the event that the association of doctoral students ceases to exist, all remaining funds will be handed over to the student association of the School of Education, University of Iceland. The general member has no claim to the funds. Decision to terminate the Association can be made at the annual meeting or in a specific meeting and majority rules.

Article 9 Amendments to by-laws
Amendments to these laws are permitted during the annual meeting. Requested amendments will come into effect if approved during the annual meeting.

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