Inga Minelgaite Snaebjornsson

inga by k.petrosiuteDoktorsnemi í Leadership, School of Business

Tölvupóstur: inm7(hjá)

Leiðbeinandi: Ingi R.Edvardsson

Áhugasvið: leadership, (cross) cultural studies, cognition processes (implicit/explicit theories), gender in management

Dr. verkefni: Implicit/explicit beliefs in leadership and actual leader behavior: Effects of gender and local culture (Iceland and Lithuania)

Research problem: Fragmented and insufficient knowledge in literature and in practice on leader behavior in association with perceived and actual leader behavior, (national) culture and gender

Research questions:

1. How is actual leader behavior related with explicit/implicit beliefs of desired leader?

2. How are gender and (national) culture effects present in actual and desired leader behavior?


Research is guided by pragmatist worldview

Mixed methods approach

Explanatory sequential mixed methods design

Value and originality:

Theory: Leadership theory/ Filling the gaps

Methods: Mixed methods, Grounded theory in leadership research


Leader effectiveness insights

Leadership education

Leadership as practice

Geography: Iceland and Lithuania

Target and setting: Real life setting; business people

MBA. verkefni: “Influence of state’s control into Human resource Management. Comparison of Lithuania and Iceland”

BBA verkefni: “Improvement of employee motivational system in JSC “Nilma”