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Tölvupóstur: gsf3(hjá)

Leiðbeinandi: Sigríður Dúna Kristmundsdóttir

Áhugasvið: Friður og átök, fyrrverandi hermenn, friðaruppbygging, karlmennska, Búrúndí, Suður-Súdan, Líbería, femínismi. kyngervi, hervæðing, sjálfsmynd

Dr. verkefni: Life after the gun: Ex-combatants in Burundi and the search for a new identity as civilians.

In the study of, and work on, peace-building and conflict resolution the focus on ex-combatants is mainly presented as a problem to be solved. Ex-combatants are frequently seen as a threat to stability and the peace-building process given their military training, experience of war fare and their assumed willingness to use violence to achieve change. Less focus or interest has been on these men and women as individual human beings and specifically on the complex identity change process that accompanies the combatant to civilian transition. Using Burundi as a case study, the objective of this research project is to contribute to the knowledge gap of this identity change process in the literature and provide a deeper understanding on what it means to change from a combatant to a civilian for the ex-combatants themselves.

The research question is: What are the different identity changes that accompany the transition from combatant to civilian among Burundian ex-combatants?

The objective is to provide a better understanding of how strong the identity of the combatant is and remains, what significance this has in the transition to civilian life and to what extent other identities make a difference and play a part. The research question will be answered in four different academic articles, one focusing on gender identity, two on activism, thereof one on ex-combatants as peace-keeper and the other on ex-combatants as political protesters, and the final article on social networks and finding one’s place within them with a new identity.

MA. verkefni: “The link between Gender Empowerment and Development in Developing Countries