Summer Course 2018

SustainDustry: Go green or go home

Welcome to the official site for the Summer Course of LBG Reykjavík!

The land of glaciers, waterfalls and beautiful nature.

Have you always dreamt of visiting Iceland, the land of fire and ice and experience nights when the sun never sets?

Do you want to learn about the industry here and how it supports Iceland in becoming more sustainable? How ferrosilicon and aluminum are produced? How can renewable methanol be produced with environmentally friendly technology? And how does all this industry affect air quality?

During this course, you will get the chance to:
– visit different industrial plants and learn about the production processes
– learn about green industry, air pollution and renewable energy
– spend the whole week with new friends from various universities
– get to know the Icelandic culture and our city, Reykjavik
– experience the warm summertime in Iceland! (up to 15°C)
– and most importantly enjoy the BEST Spirit and make unforgettable memories!

Check out the Survival Guide and Schedule!

Main Organizer: Julija Zukovska (E-mail:

Main Organizer: Svava Dögg Hreinsdóttir (E-mail:

Participant’s Responsible: Snorri Viðarsson (E-mail: