Áhrif á nám – Educational Involvement


As a Student Organisation, educational issues are important for us. We work in order to offer students the best way to express their opinions and talk about their education. Therefore we are eager to be in close collaboration with the stakeholders of higher education.

BEST organises Events on Education where different stakeholders of the higher education meet and discuss several educational matters. Students, local and international professors, experts from different industrial or research association, thematic networks and company representatives attend these events, with the aim of gathering inputs on the issues discussed


Partners and projects

While being in constant communication with many European institutions, BEST plays an active role in the development of projects such as PROVIP and EUROEAST.

Furthermore, since 1995 BEST has been contributing to major European Engineering Education projects.

In addition, we are in touch with other organisations like  SEFIFEANIIFEES and in addition to all these, our members attend conferences related to educational issues, in order to be updated to new methods and their evolution; provide the view of a student where it is needed.


Participate as professional in BEST Events on Education

Professionals are an important part of our Events on Education, they contact BEST directly or they can be invited by BEST.

Professionals get benefits from Events on Education by:

  • Networking with the host university of the event, with international academics, with thematic network representatives and with BEST, in order to learn about their methods and projects and maybe find a way to collaborate in the future.
  • Participating in active sharing sessions with students from all over Europe, or even to find someone for a PhD or collaboration in a research programme.
  • Receiving students’ feedback about their work.

After each Event on Education, BEST prepares a report with the outcomes and sends it to our partners and the professors who have participated. Furthermore the academics will be receiving further notifications for our educational involvement or possible future collaborations could be opened.

For further detailed information, don’t hesitate to contact us via education@BEST.eu.org.