Grill kvöld // Grill Night

Grill kvöld // Grill night

Sælirr kælir, hvað þetta kvöld var nú skemmtilegt, að fagna próflokum með pylsum, skemmtilegu fólki og í samstarfi við IAESTE Iceland

Hér eru nokkrar myndir frá viðburðinum !
Wow this night was really fun celebrating that our final exams are over with hot dogs, fun people and in partnership with @IAESTE Iceland

Here are a few photos from the event!

BEST Course in summer 2022

Journey to the centre of Earth

Welcome to the official site for the Summer Course 2022 of LBG Reykjavík!

The land of glaciers, waterfalls and beautiful nature.

Have you ever wanted to go and see the land of fire and ice, well here’s your chance to explore it.

For the first time since 2019, LBG Reykjavík is doing a course about geology and volcanoes. It’s the land where volcanoes and geothermal heat have made their mark on the landscape, along with the many glaciers and glacier lagoons, a land of pristine and unspoiled nature.

In Iceland you could get a chance to see the sun still high and bright in the sky at midnight. See the geothermal areas where geysers rule supreme. To see and witness something new.

During this course you will get a chance to

  • Walk up to an active volcano and see it with your own eyes
  • Learn about geology and volcanos
  • Unfold the mysteries of how a new land is formed.
  • See with your own eyes land being built with lava flow , volcanic eruptions and rock formation.
  • Learn how it breaks down and is shaped by glaciers and rivers.
  • Spend the whole week with new friends from various universities.
  • Get to know the Icelandic culture and our city, Reykjavik.
  • Experience the warm summertime in Iceland! (up to 15°C)
  • And most importantly enjoy the BEST Spirit and make unforgettable memories!

check out the survival guide and the schedule.

Activity Responsible: Hulda Ósk Blöndal(email:

The XVI Board takes the stage

The past year and more has been difficult one for us. We weren’t able to organize a summer course for the last two years, and had to embark on a lot of restructuring work for the good of the organization. Now, however, we are back on track with a lot of lively people to carry the torch for the next year. There will be more events, parties, and (BEST of all), a BEST summer course next year. Let’s introduce the board!

President: Hulda Ósk Blöndal
Secretary: Jørgen Natvig Løvseth
Treasurer: Atli Tobiasson
VP of HR: Hólmfríður Vigdís Rist Jónsdóttir
VP of PR: Sigurósk Sigurgeirsdóttir

They are motivated and energetic people, who intend to bring the organization to new heights, so please give them a warm welcome.

BEST Regards,
-The XV board of LBG Reykjavík; Kjartan, Kristian and Lovísa.

Sustainability day

Special Issue of Sustainability “The Future of Design for Sustainability”  May 2019 – Academy for Design Innovation Management | Legacy

Sustainability day is a cooperative project between the Icelandic boards of the international student organizations BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) and IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) in conjunction with the University of Iceland. During the event, you can hear of exciting new projects from numerous companies and ask them questions. The event will be held in person at Askja on May the 27th (Thursday) from 12:30-15:50, but will also be streamed so you can watch from home.

We will send you the schedule and link (if you are watching from home) two days before the event starts. Your social security and phone number is not required if you are watching from home and your email is not required if you are attending in person.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling the number 612-9006 or sending us mail through or

New board and future projects

Greetings everyone!

This has been a long time coming, but we are happy to announce the current board of BEST Reykjavík 2020-2021.

  • President: Kristian Lund
  • Treasurer: Lovísa Þórunn Harðardóttir
  • Vice president of human resources: Kjartan Skarphéðinsson

We started our mandate on the 22nd of August and since then have been thinking of what we want to do during our mandate to increase participation and getting some much needed advice from our doctor Clara, Snorri and Vala from the previous Reykjavík board and Natalya, the regional advisor of region H. We also took part in very useful joint board training with other boards in the north and have been holding semi-regular meetings.

Due to the pandemic, we sadly haven’t been able to hold any larger events, nor have we had much in the way of marketing. That’s going to change, however, pandemic or not. Starting from next week, we are going to have weekly events, whether game nights, presentations on BEST, competitions or anything else we can think of. For now, this will all be done through the computer, but once the virus dies down, we want to be ready to go outside and see our wonderful members and observers. As things stand, we fully intend to go through with holding a summer course, and will start laying the groundwork for it later this year. If it won’t be possible to hold it on location due to health reasons, we will figure something out.

Thank you everyone for supporting us, and thank YOU dear reader for showing an interest. If you want to take part in all the fun stuff, please join our observer group:

On behalf of the XV board of BEST Reykjavík, We hope to see you soon.

-Kjartan S.

BEST Courses in Summer

Applications for BEST courses in summer 2020 have just opened up! A large selection of courses all around Europe where you will learn new things, meet students that share your interests and have a great time. The participation fee cost a maximum of 55 euros and SHÍ offers up to a 60% reimbursement of travel costs! Travel cheap and experience 7 – 10 days of cultural exchange from all around Europe. Check out and see what you are the most excited for
Application deadline is on the 15th of March at 22:00
If you have any question, feel free to contact us at

Cyber security seminar

Free training session on cybersecurity by a well renowned professor

Opportunity to get “hands on” experience with cybersecurity

No prior experience required, and tasks for the more experienced

Sunday 11th April 2019 10:00 to ~14:00 – online

why should you attend the session ?

You have a chance to get “hands on” experience with hacking (legally of course 😉

The session will be interesting for all skill-levels, no prior knowledge required

We will start out with a short introduction lecture, and then exercises on a platform

Cybersecurity is a growing niche in the IT-industry, maybe it’s something for you? 

who will be facilitating the session ?

The session will be facilitated by a professor in cybersecurity from Aalborg University (Denmark)

During exercise there will also be help from a tutor in BEST, who is also qualified within this field

We will be doing exercises on the “HAAUKINS” training platform, developed by Aalborg University

Who are the organizers ?

BEST Reykjavik – A member of one of Europe’s largest student organizations

93 local groups in 34 countries == lots of opportunity to travel (post COVID)

We regularly have fun events like game nights, bowling and swimming

Please join our BEST Reykjavík Observers group on Facebook and Instagram

The sign up

Sign up on our form:

Deadline: 09. April 2019

The training is free, and will be on Zoom

Sign up as fast as possible, before all available spots are filled 😉

Sunday 11th April 10:00 to ~14:00

We hope that You will sign up, so that we can get more people to help make the internet a safer space!

Formannafundur BEST í Varsjá

Dagana 8.-14. nóvember tóku tveir stjórnarmenn BEST Reykjavík þátt í formannafundi BEST í Varsjá. Það voru formaðurinn Alma og ritarinn Ragnhildur. Þátttakendur á formannafundinum voru formenn allra 94 undirfélaga BEST í Evrópu, þ.e. frá hverjum og einum samstarfsháskóla félagsins. Margir aðrir meðlimir tóku einnig þátt, þar á meðal aðalstjórn BEST, fjármáladeildin, menntunardeildin, styrktaraðilar félagsins frá atvinnulífinu, einn af stofnendum BEST frá upphafi og margir aðrir sem hafa komið að uppbyggingu félagsins á einn eða annan hátt.

Formleg opnunarhátíð var fyrsta daginn þar sem styrktaraðilar félagsins ávörpuðu alla þátttakendurnar, tækifæri gafst til atvinnuviðtala hjá samstarfsaðilum, kynning á Tækniháskólanum í Varsjá og margt annað áhugavert var á dagskrá.

Næstu daga var ráðstefna þar sem farið var yfir árið hjá BEST, undirfélögin kynntu viðburði sína og afrek, kosið var um mikilvæg málefni og meðlimir félagsins skiptust á skoðunum varðandi framtíð þess. Einnig voru umræðuhópar, þjálfanir og margt fleira.

Þær komu heim reynslunni ríkari, með mikla kunnáttu um BEST á alþjóðlegum vettvangi og hlakka til að skipuleggja glæsilega viðburði hér í Reykjavík næsta árið. BEST Reykjavík hlakkar til að bjóða alla nýja meðlimi velkomna að taka þátt í starfinu okkar!


Vornámskeið – Spring Courses

Opnað hefur verið fyrir umsóknir á vornámskeiðin!

BEST námskeið eru 1-2vikna langt “skiptinám” þar sem þú sækir námskeið í samstarfsskóla okkar, færð gistingu, fullt fæði, skoðunarferðir, heimsóknir í fyrirtæki og margt fleira fyrir aðeins 30-45evrur, eftir því hvaða námskeið er sótt um! Tækifæri sem enginn vill missa af.

Hvetjum alla til að kynna sér námskeiðin og hafa samband ef spurningar vakna.

Svæðisfundur í Aachen

BEST er skipt upp í svæði innan Evrópu þar sem undirfélög hvers svæðis starfa saman á hinum alþjóðlega grundvelli. BEST Reykjavík er hluti af Region 9 ásamt Brussel, Aachen, Louvain-la-Neuve, Wroclaw, París, Erlangen og Delft. Tvei rstjórnarmenn okkar tóku þátt í svæðisfundi í Aachen nú í október þar sem fulltrúar allra áðurnefndra félaga mættu til leiks.

Á fundinum var farið yfir hvaða viðburðir hefðu verið haldnir á hverjum stað fyrir sig, nýjir meðlimir fengu að kynnast félaginu, ýmsar þjálfanir og umræður fóru fram ásamt því að formenn félaganna tóku þátt í undirbúning fyrir formannafund BEST sem haldinn verður í Varsjá í nóvember. Einnig var alþjóðlegt kvöld þar sem allir komu með mat og drykki frá heimalandi sínu og kynntu menningu sína.

Á meðfylgjandi mynd má sjá Ragnhildi með formönnum allra undirfélaga í Region 9!