Science Trip

The first science trip of the year will be next week, Friday October 2nd. It will be at GoMobile, Austurstræti 12, from 17-19 o´clock. Please note that registration is required!

The registration starts on Monday the 28th of September and ends on Thursday the 1st of October. You can sign up in class or send one of the council members a message on Facebook. If you register you have to let us know if you suddenly can’t come.

The trip is 1000 kr for non-Banzai members (free for Banzai members) and it will be in Icelandic. The Icelandic students can translate for you if you don’t understand, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Hoping most of you can make it!
-Banzai student council

Become a Banzai Member!

Hi everyone! Now you can register to be a Banzai member =)

You can pay with cash (there is an ATM in Háskólatorg) or transfer the money to account 0137-26-004620, id (kennitala) 681004-4240.

It costs 5000 kr.

When you can pay:
– We will be in the Humanities student room in Árnagarður tomorrow (1. September, ground floor to the right, where the bathrooms are, room 119) from 15-16 o´clock.
– During the orientation game after school on Thursday (3. September)
– During the party on Saturday (5. September at 20 o´clock at Ölsmiðjan, Lækjargata 10, costs 2000 kr in).
– Any time you see us roaming the halls.

The last day to pay is 11. September

来てください~ ^^
Banzai student council