Good to know

Hi everybody

Here is some information, that will be useful in the coming weeks and months. This article is mostly meant for freshmen starting this fall.

You can get the main textbooks from the university bookstore Bóksala (10.995kr), but you can get them cheaper straight from Japan from here and here. The tax is roughly 1000 kr and the book is around 4000 kr and it´s unused and in brand new condition.

You can get the student card through Ugla for free, which will give you a lot of discounts. You can also apply for a student card upgrade that will grant you after hours access to Háskólatorg.

We recommend that you memorize the basic hiragana and katakana scripts before the semester starts, trust us, It will make the first weeks of schooling so much easier.

You don´t actually need a laptop or a tablet for actual school work and some first year classes prohibit them, but we can recommend a couple of apps and websites. The most useful website is Jisho and WaniKani. These websites have saved literally THOUSUNDS of lives. We also recommend Anki. It is a great flashcard based program for PC, IOS or Android, that is really useful for studying and memorizing new Kanji.

Banzai will hold clubs like a movie club and a study club which will be announced in the beginning of the semester.

If you guys have any questions or if you just want to chat, don´t hesitate to email us at


                           Written by Árni Breki Ríkarðsson – secretary of Banzai (2016-2017)                                                        and heavily referenced from Good to know (2015)                                  by Andrea Lind Stephenson – secretary of Banzai (2015-2016)