Interview with Snorri

Name Snorri Birkir Snorrason
School Kyushu University
Favorite place at school 食堂
Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Fly

1. Upon arrival, did you have to change any classes you chose? How did that go?
Had to change some, also had to take placement tests for Japanese courses, was no problem.

2. Did someone pick you up from the airport?
Nobody from my school, though if you come during certain days there is a shuttle bus from Fukuoka airport to the dormitory.

3. How was your first week adapting?
Great, too warm for my taste.

4. How much are you paying a month for rent, food, transport and other necessities?
Rent with internet is 26000 yen, transport is more expensive in Fukuoka than other cities, but food is cheap and good. You can control how much you spend, depends on you.

5. Did you get into student dorms? If no, where are you staying and how has it worked for you?
Have not heard about a case where a student cannot enter the dorm in my university, it’s good for me but fellow students complain about the size.

6. Did you apply for any scholarships? If yes, which ones did you receive?
Got JASSO, every student in JTW program get Jasso, the only case you don’t get one, is when you receive Watanabe.

7. Did you create a bank account or do you withdraw from ATMs?  If you withdraw from ATMs, what would be your recommendation in terms of timing and amount? If you created a bank account, which bank did you go to?
I try to use cash, because I have JASSO I had to create a bank account, the Jasso goes onto that account, which is nice. My bank was 福岡銀行 the other one is 西日本銀行 I do reccomend both if you are in Kyushu, cause you can use ATMs in stores that have E-net ATM, does not cost extra.

8. Does your phone work in Japan or did you have to get a new one?
I have a SIM card contract, got it in Yodabashi camera, cheap there.

9. Have you had any funny/embarrassing language miscommunication?
[no comment].

10. Did you apply for LÍN and advance payment from your bank? If yes, did you encounter any problems/do you have any tips?

11. Do you miss anything about Iceland?
Pizza, candy and ice cream.

12. What’s your most interesting/funny experience in Japan?
Yakiniku tabehoudai.

13. Did you buy a travel insurance before you left for Japan? If yes, where from?
Yes, don’t remember.

14. Did you bring medicine with you to Japan?

15. Is there anything you regret bringing with you?
Not really.

16. Is there anything you wish you would have brought with you?

17. What’s the weather like? Do you have any tips for keeping cool/warm?
Winter is cold, real cold, houses are not warm.

18. How are classes compared to those you took in Iceland, and is it heavier/easier?
Japanese classes are more consistent and more homework, but nothing too much. None Japanese are similar.

19. What’s your favourite Japanese food so far?

20. What’s your most disliked Japanese food so far?
Horumon, cow’s guts.

21. Are there any specific shops that you recommend?
Izakaya for drinking and eating, as much as you like for two hours.

22. Do you have any tattoos? If yes, did you encounter any problems?
No tattoos, have been with other people in onsen who have tattoos, not a big of a deal.

23. Is there anything one must see or do in your location?
Fukuoka is not famous for its sightseeing, but rather its food. Dazaifu is a good place though.

24. Did you travel within Japan? Where did you go and how was your experience?
Went to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, plan on going on more trips, it was really nice, but made me realize how great Fukuoka is, Tokyo is way too big, Osaka and Kyoto also.

25. Do you have anything to add? なんでもいいです。
[no comment].


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