Interview with Ragnheiður

Picture1Name Ragnheiður Þórðardóttir
School Fukuoka women’s university (福岡女子大学)
Favourite place at school Nan no ki a coffee house with the best chicken doria EVER
Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Read minds

1. Upon arrival, did you have to change any classes you chose? How did that go?
Had to change everything, they weren’t chosen in the beginning as I thought it was just an outline I received and chose and from the year before so other classes were also available.

2. Did someone pick you up from the airport?
Yes my JD mate 🙂

3. How was your first week adapting?
My first week I spent with a good friend in Osaka and then I went to Fukuoka, the only thing was the heat hahah I’m a snow child…..

4. How much are you paying a month for rent, food, transport and other necessities?
Rent is 9900 yen, transport is usually a little bit expensive unless I take train (I’m a little bit away from the main city but other wise I just walk). Maybe about 50 thousand or 60 all in all but don’t know 100% differs depending on months and if I go crazy shopping.

5. Did you get into student dorms? If no, where are you staying and how has it worked for you?
Yes,  I’m in a dorm.

6. Did you apply for any scholarships? If yes, which ones did you receive?
All exchange students in my school get 80 thousand a month and get their flight paid back.

7. Did you create a bank account or do you withdraw from ATMs?  If you withdraw from ATMs,  what would be your recommendation in terms of timing and amount? If you created a bank account, which bank did you go to?
Because I get a scholarship the school made me a bank account, but the 7eleven ATM are usually the only ATMs that I can take out money on my Icelandic cards. Usually 20 thousand can last me a long time but Fukuoka is rather cheap I feel … but also depending on what I’m doing.

8. Does your phone work in Japan or did you have to get a new one?
My phone works but I had to get a sim card in an electric store (best to go to electric stores rather than phone stores), which I can only use with Internet, but with line and Facebook and what not, but you can call through Wi-Fi so it is okay.

9. Have you had any funny/embarrassing language miscommunication?
Yes, that happens, the best one I can remember at the moment was when I had a presentation about Iceland for high school kids and I said Iceland was made of glacier and ice.

10. Did you apply for LÍN and advance payment from your bank? If yes, did you encounter any problems/do you have any tips?
Yes, my semester is kind of different from Iceland so I had to let Guðrún know so that she could let Lín know other than that it is okay.

11. Do you miss anything about Iceland?
A lot of stuff, fast food for one :Þ skin care products I know and make up remover. AND MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS, and my small cat.

12. What’s your most interesting/funny experience in Japan?
So many, the most embarrassing was I threw up in the train from too much alcohol … damn you nomuhodai !!!
Went to a public bathhouse and there was a old guy working and had to undress in front of him …
I’m a nature freak so going to Dazaifu was so amazing and pretty …

13. Did you buy travel insurance before you left for Japan? If yes, where from?
No, I got insurance through sjúkra which was free and I also have insurance through my school.

14. Did you bring medicine with you to Japan?
A little bit but not enough.

15. Is there anything you regret bringing with you?
No, maybe my big winter coat, only used it twice and that was in Korea.

16. Is there anything you wish you had brought with you?
Make up remover, skin care products, more tooth burses. Lakkrís reimar [black liquorice] to last me a life time.

17. What’s the weather like? Do you have any tips for keeping cool/warm?
Colder than I expected, just have good warm clothes buy the pocket heaters or what ever it is called and also the heating thing you glue to your clothes that is so good J (wish Iceland had that)

18. How are classes compared to those you took in Iceland, and is it heavier/easier?
Japanese classes are harder but the other classes are easier I think.

19. What’s your favourite Japanese food so far?
Shabu shabu!! And yaki niku.

20. What’s your most disliked Japanese food so far?
Tsukimono, or pickled food.

21. Are there any specific shops that you recommend?
Loft for stationary stuff and just a lot of stuff.
Kaitan sushi.
My favourite shabu shabu place but unfortunately can’t remember the name!

22. Do you have any tattoos? If yes, did you encounter any problems?

23. Is there anything one must see or do in your location?
Go to dazaifu and see the tengangu shrine/temple there, it is so beautiful.
Also Miyajidake shrine is very pretty and the sunrise from top of the stairs that lead to the shrine is amazing. So walk up the stairs and watch the sunrise from the top stair!!
Go to a lot of yatai 🙂

24. Did you travel within Japan? Where did you go and how was your experience?
I went to Tokyo, Osaka, past through Kyoto and Nara, Nagasaki (planning to go to other places. Kagoshima, Kumamoto and so on… Every place is good and awesome in its own way but they are amazing and have all been so cool.

25. Do you have anything to add? なんでもいいです。
Don’t drink and train.

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