Interview with Ester

12373172_10153401971371347_2982715592671917666_nName Ester Sif Kvaran
School Osaka Gakuin
Favourite place at school The bakery on school campus
Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? Fly

1. Upon arrival, did you have to change any classes you chose? How did that go?
Yes, I had to change some classes and it went well.

2. Did someone pick you up from the airport?
Yes, they were from my school.

3. How was your first week adapting?
It was a bit difficult but I thought it was going to be more difficult

4. How much are you paying a month for rent, food, transport and other necessities?
I pay 42.000 for rent every month but other costs can differ if I travel a lot and if I go out to eat.

5. Did you get into student dorms? If no, where are you staying and how has it worked for you?
I am staying at an apartment and I love it.

6. Did you apply for any scholarships? If yes, which ones did you receive?
Yes, I applied for the Sasakawa scholarship and I got that one.

7. Did you create a bank account or do you withdraw from ATMs?  If you withdraw from ATMs,  what would be your recommendation in terms of timing and amount? If you created a bank account, which bank did you go to?
I withdraw from ATMs I don’t have a Japanese bank account.

8. Does your phone work in Japan or did you have to get a new one?
Yes, it works here in Japan I just got a new sim card and it works fine.

9. Have you had any funny/embarrassing language miscommunication?
Not that I can think of.

10. Did you apply for LÍN and advance payment from your bank? If yes, did you encounter any problems/do you have any tips?
Yes, and it was very simple and no problems.

11. Do you miss anything about Iceland?
Family, boyfriend, friends, pets, the water, fast food, toothbrushes.

12. What’s your most interesting/funny experience in Japan?
I was sitting on the train once and it was packed and there was a guy standing in front of me and the train suddenly stopped and I got his crotch in my face

13. Did you buy a travel insurance before you left for Japan? If yes, where from?
No I got it free through the school.

14. Did you bring medicine with you to Japan?

15. Is there anything you regret bringing with you?

16. Is there anything you wish you would have brought with you?
More wool clothes.

17. What’s the weather like? Do you have any tips for keeping cool/warm?
It is really cold during winter and the houses are really cold, have enough of wool clothes.

18. How are classes compared to those you took in Iceland, and is it heavier/easier?
They are similar they go over things here a bit faster then at home.

19. What’s your favourite Japanese food so far?
Nabe and yakiniku are my favorite.

20. What’s your most disliked Japanese food so far?
I think miso soup is one of my disliked Japanese foods so far.

21. Are there any specific shops that you recommend?
I love the hyaku en shops and Loft they have everything

22. Do you have any tattoos? If yes, did you encounter any problems?
Not a lot but there are a lot of onsen I can’t go to and public baths.

23. Is there anything one must see or do in your location?
Universal Studio, Aquarium, Osaka castle, the owl café

24. Did you travel within Japan? Where did you go and how was your experience?
Yes, I have been to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Hokkaido, Hiroshima and Miyajima I loved all the places but I have to say that Hiroshima was my favorite.

25. Do you have anything to add? なんでもいいです。
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