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Hi everyone, here we have some information we thought would be good to know before school starts. This is mainly written for the freshmen starting out this fall.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on Genki I or Genki II, you can purchase them here, and here, straight from Japan, for less than half the price of the books in Bóksala (13.995-.). You will pay roughly 1000 kr in tax once the book arrives, so in total you are getting the book for around 5000 kr., that’s 9000 kr. you manage to save, and the book is in brand new condition. Several 2nd year students have purchased Genki II, online and so far it takes about 3 weeks on average for the book to arrive.

Hiragana and Katakana, learn them immediately. If you know them before you come to school, you’re going to be very happy you did! Just do it.

You can sign up for the university’s student card for free and you get so many discounts. You also have the option to buy an upgraded version of the student card, which gets you into buildings after hours. You get the student card through Ugla.

You don’t actually need your computer in any classes during the first semester. In some classes you are not allowed to use it at all with the exception of special projects. Why you wonder? Because you have to practice your handwriting.

It’s good to have all your syllabi printed out, they have all the essays, projects, and important dates written on them for the entire semester.

There are no actual lunch hours in school. You only have 10 minutes to stuff your face in-between classes.

God of websites, Jisho. You will use it, all the time. WaniKani. is also useful.

We also recommend Anki. It is a great flashcard based program for PC, IOS or Android, that is really useful for studying and memorizing new Kanji.

The Japanese movie class is fun for those interested in more traditional style movies. It’s very insightful regarding old traditions and the teacher loves director Kurosawa. The teacher doesn’t show much interest in anime, so don’t be fooled thinking you’re going to watch much of it. Bonus! The class has only one essay and no final exam, at least that was the case last year.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask any of us, there’s no such thing as a stupid question – fire away!

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