PhD regulations

We would like to give a current overview of all regulations for PhD studies at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences (SENS). First and further most we would like to point you out to the page of the Graduate School of the University of Iceland (Graduate School) for all current and further information. The graduate school also made an overview and structure of all regulations affecting the University and Students (Rules and regulations at University of Iceland).

These are the regulations for PhD students after 2011. We have Icelandic and English versions for this:

We were able to collect the following PhD regulations before 2012 – Unfortunately no English version is available:

We would like to make you aware that this is a collection done by Arkímedes. We encourage you to get in touch with the project managers of SENS and the Graduate School and ask them for the regulations that apply to you. We know that only the latest regulations are online, but we encourage to ask for the ones that apply to you. It is our assumption that if you started before 2011/2012, the older regulations would apply to you, unless otherwise agreed upon and confirmed by all parties. The Graduate School also gave out the Standards and requirements for PhD studies which shall guide the work of student, supervisors, and the faculty. These standards are given out in 2012. Please have a look as well.

In general we advise you to ask your supervisors and the Graduate School if there are questions about regulations. We urge you to talk with the members of Arkímedes, if there are any problems or hindrances in complying with the regulations. We are here to help you!