Roles of the board members

The roles of our board members:

  • President:

The role of the chairman/chairwoman is to represent Arkímedes to the university and represent the interests of the members of Arkímedes. This is done in different ways. The chairman is a member of the board of FeDoN (the umbrella organization of all PhD and Post-Doc associations at the University of Iceland) and NáttVerk (the umbrella organization of all student associations of SENS/VoN). It is important that the chairman/chairwoman takes an active role in shaping the policies and guidelines at the University, the school and departments by fighting for the rights of the students.

The position will require active communication, organization, and motivational skills. It is important to actively seek the discussion with representatives of the administration and University officials. The chairman/chairwoman should have a active contact with the members of Arkímedes in order to offer assistance, organize events, and push for improvements in rights of its members.

Usually, there is at least once or twice a month a meeting to attend within the administrative level or because of student needs. There is the option to take an active role in FeDoN and become the representative of the students on the board of the graduate school (Miðstöð framhaldsnáms).

  • Treasurer:

The responsibility of the treasurer is to handle the account of Arkímedes. Basic knowledge of keeping books is required. The treasurer will, in collaboration with the chairman/chairwoman be handling the bank account of Arkímedes. This requires to go to the bank and sign paperwork with the rest of the board for getting and signing off the account. In addition, the treasurer will work together with the science committee and pay for necessary costs via online banking/going to the bank. At the end of the year, the treasurer will have to give a end of year report during the AGM.

  • Secretary:

The position of the secretary involves in keeping notes of the meeting of the board of Arkímedes. The meetings are set according to the needs of the organization. Additional work involves administration work on the Facebook group, Facebook page, and official webpage of Arkímedes. Adding and editing content and informing members about changes, events, and news about the work of Arkímedes, as required.

  • Interest Committee:

The person in the interest committee is the representative part of Arkímedes in meetings of the Science committee of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences. They meet a few times per year. The main goal of the Science committee is to reinforce the scientific activity within the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences. These meetings are in icelandic.

  • Social Committee:

The responsibility of the person in the social committee is to organize the venues of Arkímedes. The venues are mainly monthly lunch seminars and additional annual events (AGM, BBQ, etc.). Therefore the person has to book a room (contacts are provided), order refreshments in collaboration with the treasurer. The rest of the board will help executing the preparation of the events.