What is Arkímedes?

Arkímedes is a society for doctorate and postdoctoral researchers at the school of engineering and natural science (SENS) at the University of Iceland.

All doctorate students and postdoctoral researchers enrolled in a program or employed by a department within SENS is a member of Arkímedes. The membership is free of charge. Arkímedes is asked to send representatives to various boards within the University. Our representatives take part in decisions within the research and teaching committees within SENS and the board of the graduate school for the whole University. Arkímedes is a part of NáttVerk (the umbrella organization of all student organizations within SENS) and FeDoN (the umbrella organization of all doctorate and post-doctorate students within the University of Iceland).

Our vision is to increase collaboration across departments and faculties within SENS and the members of the society. We seek active engagement in the representation of our members’ rights.

Arkímedes encourages:

  • Collaboration: academic social networking through regular meetings
  • Representation: expression of members’ rights and interests by participating in the school committees
  • Engagement: coordinate with the school board to implement positive changes

The School of Engineering and Natural Sciences of the University of Iceland is composed of 6 departments:

– Civil and Environmental Engineering,
– Earth Sciences,
– Electrical and Computer Engineering,
– Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences,
– Life and Environmental Sciences,
– Physical Sciences.

Regulations of the Organization (Arkimedes_regulations_2013-2014)