Science Trip to Mannvit

Mannvit Engineering, the largest engineering firm in Iceland, has unparalled experience and expertise in the areas of Geothermal Energy and Hydroelectric power having participated in the development of most of the power plants built in Iceland over the last four decades.

The company is dedicated to the development and promulgation of Green Energy and seeks to apply their vast experience and expertise in geothermal energy and hydropower to projects anywhere in the world.

Company specialists are pioneers in the utilization of geothermal reservoirs to produce electricity, both in harnessing high-temperature geothermal fields for electrical and thermal-water production, as well as designing power plants that produce electricity utilizing low-temperature fields via binary cycle. Recent projects include the development and construction of the world’s first geothermal power plant utilizing Kalina technology.

Including ongoing geothermal development in Iceland, Mannvit Engineering is actively working on plans to develop power plants in Europe based largely on their innovations in Kalina technology.

Furthermore, the company has wide-ranging knowledge, experience and expertise in the development of large and small hydropower plants, as well as the design, construction and maintenance of overhead transmission lines, substations and transformer stations.

Geothermal and hydroelectric power is only one facet of Mannvit Engineering. The company offers a comprehensive suite of engineering, consulting, management and operational services in power intensive industries, energy, buildings, infrastructure, utilities, the environment and much more.

To get to Mannvit from the University, take bus #3 at 16.30 to Hlemmur and change to the #2 at 16.45

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